About Dr. Williams

Born: January 10, 1951

Raised in a Christian home, Donald T. Williams devoted his life to Christ at an early age. Recognizing by his high-school years that he had a strong drive for the integration of faith and learning, he felt called to a ministry of preaching, teaching, and writing.


  • PhD in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1985; Dissertation Topic: "The Depth of Rightful Doom: The English Reformers’ Concept of Justice and Book V of Spenser’s Faerie Queene"
  • M.Div.Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, 1976; Editor, The Scribe (student paper); Associate Editor, Trinity Journal; Magna Cum Laude
  • B.A. in English, Taylor University, Upland, Ind., 1973; Band, Orchestra, Marion, Indiana Philharmonic Orchestra; Summer missions trip to Honduras, Ecuador, and Colombia, 1971; Student Pastor, 1973; Magna Cum Laude


  • Professor of English, Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa Falls, Georgia, 1988-2020
    • Chair, Humanities and Natural Sciences Department, 2009-2013
    • Director, School of Arts and Sciences, 1996-2008
    • Editor, faculty newsletter, 1989-96, 1999-present
    • Acting Director, School of General Studies, 1991
    • Interim Director, School of Communication, 1992-95
    • Editor of Self Studies for reaffirmation of accreditation with both the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges, 1998, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1999
    • R. A. Forrest Scholar, 2014-2020
    • Professor Emeritus, 2020-
  • Lecturer at Large, Church Planting International, 2002-present (e.g., travel to Uganda, Kenya, and India to train local pastors, several summers since 2002--see "Missions" for reports).
  • Pastor and Church Planter, Trinity Fellowship (Evangelical Free Church of America), Toccoa, Georgia, 1992-2001.
  • Visiting Lecturer and Tutor, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of Keble College, Oxford, England, 1997; Mentor, 1994.
  • Acting Music Director and Instructor of Bible, Smyrna Christian Academy, Smyrna, Georgia, 1987-88.
  • Pastor, First Evangelical Free Church, Marietta, Georgia, 1982-87;
  • Speaker on "Footnotes to the Faith," daily 5-min. radio program on WFOM, Marietta, Georgia, 1984-87.
  • Temporary Lecturer in English, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1980-82


  • Served as Outside Reader:
    • Michael Spence, The Theology of Harlan Ellison's Fictional Worlds (Diss. Dallas Theological Seminary, 2001)
    • Ruby Dunlap, Common Minds: A Study of Metaphors of Good and Evil across Language Groups (Diss. Tennessee State University, 2002).


  • ENG 113, Freshman Comp. I;
  • ENG 123, Freshman Comp. II;
  • ENG 213, World Lit.;
  • ENG 223, Eng. Lit. I;
  • ENG 313, History and Structure of the English Language;
  • ENG 323, Renaissance Lit.;
  • ENG 333, Seventeenth Cent. Lit.;
  • ENG 383, Advanced Composition;
  • ENG 393, Grammar for Teachers;
  • ENG 413, Medieval Lit.;
  • ENG 423, Shakespeare;
  • ENG 433, Senior Seminar (various topics, including Dante, C. S. Lewis, Modern Brit. & American Poetry)
  • HUM 103, Western Thought and Culture
  • PHY 213, Intro. to Philosophy
  • THE 453, Apologetics


  • Toccoa Falls College Faculty Scholar of the Year, 1996, 2002, 2007.
  • Wade Faculty Scholar's Award, 2015.


  • Ordained to the Christian ministry by The Evangelical Free Church of America;
  • Member, Board of Directors, S.E. District of the E.F.C.A., 1983-86
  • Asst. Coach, Toccoa Little League, 1990-93
  • Choir, Toccoa First Alliance Church, 1989-91, Director 1991
  • Sunday School Teacher, University Church, Athens, GA., 2001-present


  • Ministerial Association, Evangelical Free Church of America
  • Evangelical Theological Society (S.E. Regional Vice Chairman, 1989-90, Chairman, 1990-91); Member of steering committees for the “Theology and Culture” and “Literature in the Bible” Study Groups of the Evangelical Theological Socity, 2000-); chair of the "C. S. Lewis Consultation," 20015-)
  • Evangelical Philosophical Society (Vice President, 1994-95, President, 1995-96)
  • S.E. Renaissance Conference
  • Mythopoeic Society (Program Chair for Mythcon 2003)
  • International Society of Christian Apologetics (President, 2015-2016)


To hear tapes of sermons and Sunday School classes by Dr. Williams at University Church, Athens, Ga., go to www.theuniversitychurch.org.  There are menus for tapes of classes over the last decade, including Apologetics, Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics, Church History, Hermeneutics, Ephesians, Luke, etc., listed by date and topic.

Read more about Dr. Williams here: http://tfc.edu/faculty/dr-donald-williams/





Stars Through the Clouds


Stars Through the Clouds

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Reflections from Plato


Reflections from Plato

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The Devil's Dictionary of the Christian Faith


The Devil's Dictionary of the Christian Faith

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Credo: Meditations on the Nicene Creed


Credo: Meditations on the Nicene Creed

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Mere Humanity: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien on the Human Condition


Mere Humanity: G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and...

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The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: The Hol...

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Inklings of Reality: Essays Toward a Christian Philosophy of Letters 2nd ed. Edition


Inklings of Reality: Essays Toward a Christian ...

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The Disciples' Prayer: An Intimate Phrase by Phrase Journey through the Lord's Prayer


The Disciples' Prayer: An Intimate Phrase by Ph...

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Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings of C.S.Lewis


Deeper Magic: The Theology Behind the Writings ...

The Theology Behind the Writings of C.S.Lewis

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"An Encouraging Thought": The Christian Worldvi...

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The Young Christian's Survival  Guide: Common Questions Young Christians Ask about God, the  Bible


The Young Christian's Survival Guide: Common Q...

Common Questions Young Christians Ask about God, the Bible

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  Recent Publications

"The Justice of Hell?"  Christian Research Journal 39:1 (2016): 46-59.

"Printing Error: Donald T. Williams on Anscombe's Final Word on Lewis and Naturalism," Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity 29:3 (May-June 2016): 20-22.

Our Evangelical Forebears’ Two Big Mistakes

Matrix of Meaning: Five Theses on Christianity and Culture,” An Unexpected Journal, March 10, 2021.

For previous publications, download a complete list of publications by Dr. Williams.



  Sermons by Dr. Williams

“The Importance of Truth,” 2 John 1:1-5, University Church, Athens, Ga., 7/3/16:

“Walking in the Truth,” 2 John 1:4-9, University Church, Athens, Ga., 7/10/16:

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